Ironman Fly

IRONMAN FLY is a spunky design for freelancers and small design agencies alike to get their brand out there associating with some sort of superhero.

Minimal Pro

MINIMAL PRO is for the agency or freelancer that wants a slick and simplistic website to point clients to. It shares your skills, services and portfolio so is all you need to get your online profile flying.


FLYWHEEL is a nice website for a startup or small business who wants to showcase themselves as a bold entity with great potential. It is a short one-pager with great scope to grow.

Cosmetic – Woo

COSMETIC WOO is a slick style for a spa. You can use this as a landing page or share all your services. Optionally you can write updates or blogs about your services. This is great for small businesses who also want to sell products.

Impeccable Interiors

IMPECCABLE INTERIORS is an elegant dark themed continuous scrolling site that would be perfect for any design/creative company looking to set up a professional looking site with portfolio items to showcase.