Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal

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BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal Features:

  • BOSS’s most advanced acoustic-guitar modeling in a compact pedal
  • 4 simulation modes: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced, and Piezo-equipped
  • Top and Body knobs for fine-tuning the virtual-body resonance
  • Built-in reverb, optimized for acoustic-guitar simulation

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About Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal:

Acoustic Guitar Modeling Pedal for Electric Guitars

How many times have you been onstage or in the studio with your electric guitar and wished that you’d brought an acoustic along? For musicians who travel light, hauling an extra guitar to the gig isn’t always the most attractive option. Here’s the solution: the BOSS AC-3 acoustic simulator! This new-generation compact pedal employs COSM modeling technology to transform any electric guitar into a variety of beautiful acoustic guitars.

BOSS AC-3 Acoustic Simulator at a Glance:

  • Advanced modeling for authentic acoustic guitar sounds
  • Fine-tune controls to shape the acoustic sound you want
  • Reverb included
  • Versatile output paths

Advanced modeling for authentic acoustic guitar sounds
BOSS’s COSM Acoustic-Modeling technology is beautifully showcased in the small but powerful AC-3, which simulates an acoustic guitar much more precisely and realistically than previous technology allowed. Derived from BOSS’s top-of-the-line AD-8, the AC-3 simulates the sound of an acoustic guitar with incredible precision. Four simulation modes are provided: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced, and Piezo-equipped; the latter supplies that famous cut-through-the-mix direct piezo sound. Previous compact acoustic-guitar modeling-pedals were promising, but now the bar has been raised with AC-3.

Fine-tune controls to shape the acoustic sound you want
The AC-3 provides Top and Body controls which allow you to shape the characteristics of the four acoustic models. Create the perfect acoustic-guitar sound quickly and easily with simple knob twists.

Reverb included
Add depth and sweetness to the sound with the AC-3’s built-in digital reverb. It’s like getting two pedals in one!

Versatile output paths
Two sets of outputs are provided, allowing you to connect the AC-3 to a standard guitar amp, a direct input device such as a PA, or a recorder.


Tech Specs:

  • Type: Acoustic simulator
  • Inputs: 1 x Instrument
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4″
  • Batteries: 1 x 9V
  • Height: 2.4″
  • Width: 2.9″
  • Depth: 5.1″
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AC-3