Boss Acoustic Singer Pro 120-watt Acoustic Combo Amp



BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro 1×8″ Amplifier Features:

  • A portable PA with the best features of the BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer pedal
  • 120 watts of pro gigging power
  • Bi-amped, 2-way speaker system accurately reproduces voice and guitar
  • Custom 8″ + 1″ speakers deliver punch and dynamics previously unavailable in this class
  • Build real-time vocal harmonies based on your guitar input — no need to be a theory wiz!
  • Loop backing percussion and jam tracks on the spot
  • Acoustic Resonance processing restores the natural tone of your DI guitar
  • Onboard vocal delay, guitar chorus, and independent reverbs
  • USB audio interface captures live performances and tracks song ideas into a computer
  • Separate DI outputs for voice and guitar
  • Send dry or wet signals to FOH
  • Phantom power for stage condenser mics

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About Boss Acoustic Singer Pro 120-watt Acoustic Combo Amp:

2-channel, 120W Acoustic Amp/Portable PA with 8″ Woofer and 1″ Tweeter

The Power of the BOSS VE-8 Pedal in a Powerful, Portable PA
Ready to take your music on the road? All you need is a guitar, a mic, and the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro amp. From the subway to the concert hall, this amp has the power, depth, and features to transform your set into an engaging audience experience. Its 120 watts and custom two-speaker cabinet reproduce the fullness of your voice and instrument among the backdrop of a full band. And a host of luxurious features, from switchable automatic vocal harmonies to a looper section and FX, make the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro an essential tool for solo artists. Send both channels — dry and wet — to your FOH while simultaneously capturing your performance via the built-in USB audio interface for your followers who couldn’t make it.

The power of the BOSS VE-8 Pedal
Musiekwereld loves how you can leave your pedalboard at home when you gig out with the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro. The most popular features of the VE-8 Acoustic Singer pedal are built right in:

  • Automatic harmonies — build real-time vocal harmonies that follow your guitar chords
  • Looper — create and play over percussion, jam tracks, and background vocals on the fly
  • Acoustic Resonance processing— restore the natural, woody acoustic tone that your under-saddle piezo pickup has robbed you of
  • Channel FX — treat vocals with a lush delay and guitar with 2 flavours of the chorus
  • Anti-feedback — squelch squeals before they can impact your shows


Power & depth to command a room
With 120 watts of power and a custom, bi-amped speaker set on deck, the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro dispenses punch and dynamics never before available in its class. Its 2-way speaker system consists of an 8″ woofer and 1″ hi-frequency tweeter to reproduce the body of your instrument and soul of your voice.

USB audio interface captures your set
Let your audience relive your live sets exactly as you intended them with the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro’s USB out. Just add a computer or compatible smart device, and your shows can live on forever with the effects and live energy of the genuine article. If you’re ready to elevate your live performances, musicians at Musiekwereld heartily recommend the BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro.


Tech Specs

  • Type: Acoustic Combo Amp
  • Number Of Channels: 2
  • Total Power: 120W Bi-amped
  • Speakers: 1 x 8” Speaker, 1 x Tweeter
  • Inputs: 1 x ¼”(instrument), 1 x XLR-1/4” Combo (mic), 1 x 1/8” (aux)
  • Outputs: 2 x XLR(DI/Line out), 1 x ¼” (phones/rec out)
  • USB: 1 x Type B
  • EQ: 3-Band EQ
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Effects: Chorus (guitar), Delay/Echo (mic), Harmony(mic)
  • Feedback Control: Notch Filter Control
  • Footswitch I/O: 3 x ¼” (harmony/mute, GA-FC, Looper/Chorus)
  • Power Source: Standard IEC AC Cable
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ACS-PRO