Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor

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BOSS VE-20 Vocal Performer Effects Pedal Features:

  • Vocal processor stompbox
  • Specialized effects for vocalists
  • Includes Harmony, Double-Track, Dynamics, Reverb, Delay, and more
  • Create a total of 3-part harmonies and layers
  • Real-time pitch-correction tools
  • Special FX, including Distortion, Radio, and Strobe
  • Phrase Looper with 38 seconds (mono) of recording time
  • Phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries or an AC adapter (optional)
  • Easy operation, road-tough BOSS construction

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About Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor:

Vocal Processor Effects Pedal with 3-part Harmony, Delay, Reverb, Dynamics, Distortion, and 38-second Phrase Looper with Phantom Power

The Vocalist’s Essential Stompbox!
Add vocal flair! The BOSS VE-20 is the must-have stompbox for any vocalist. Now you can add cool vocal effects to your stage performances whenever you want. With one-stop, the VE-20 can give you lush vocal tones with reverb, delay, and 3-part harmonies. Or, you can go totally modern with special effects, including distortion, radio, and strobe. Want to loop your voice for cool sound-on-sound harmonies? It’s no problem. There’s even a 38-second phrase looper on the BOSS VE-20 Vocal Performer.

Adds modern and classic vocal effects that you can turn on and off
Take charge of your onstage vocal sound! The BOSS VE-20 gives you an arsenal of very cool vocal effects. And they sound awesome. With the click of a footswitch, you can instantly add lush vocal layers and harmonies to your singing, add real-time pitch correction, and you can show off your creative side with special effects such as Distortion, Radio, and Strobe.

Phrase looper lets you get creative with layers and stacking harmonies
On top of cool vocal effects, the VE-20 features a built-in phrase looper. Go ahead and loop up to 38 seconds of vocal performance and stack a harmony over the top of it, for an unforgettable live sound. No backup singer required!


Tech Specs:

  • Processor Type: Vocal Processor
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Form: Pedal
  • Presets – Factory: 30
  • Presets – User: 50
  • Analog Inputs: 1 x TRS/XLR Combo (Mic)
  • Analog Outputs: 1 x TRS/XLR Combo (Line), 1 x Mono
  • Height: 2.25″
  • Depth: 6.25″
  • Width: 6.8125″
  • Manufacturer Part Number: VE-20