Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC 150W LED Moving-head Spot

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Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC Moving-head Lighting Instrument Features:

  • This powerful LED spotlight fixture is perfect for larger lighting rigs
  • 150-watt LED lamp provides high output with low heat output and power consumption — no duty cycles
  • Motorized zoom accommodates short-throw or long-throw applications
  • 8-slot (7 + white) colour wheel with half-and-half colour modes provides you with a rich visual palette to choose from
  • Get split-beam effects and broad coverage via the 6-facet round and 5-facet linear prisms
  • Both prisms include bidirectional rotation and variable-speed operation
  • Electronic dimmer allows super-smooth LED fading
  • User-selectable pan and tilt ranges let you adjust the resolution of your positioning controls
  • Automated and sound-activated programs with master/slave mode lets you easily create sophisticated shows
  • Access simple parameters via and optional IRC-6 wireless remote (not included)
  • Supports 9- and 15-channel DMX control for full integration into your advanced lighting rig
  • Built-in effect macros and move-in-black feature minimize programming time
  • Individual reset of pan/tilt, colour, gobo, and prism means the show can go on, no matter what happens
  • Power linking lets you save time and money by daisy-chaining IEC cables between units

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About Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC 150W LED Moving-head Spot:

150W LED-based Moving-head Spotlight Lighting Fixture with Motorized Zoom, 8-slot Colour Wheel, 8-slot Gobo Wheel, 5- and 6-facet Prisms, Automated/Sound-activated Programs, IRC-6 Remote Control Compatibility (sold separately), and Up to 15-channel

High-energy Moving-head Fixture for Large Lighting Rigs
When you need a moving-head fixture for your club or large-scale mobile DJ rig, Chauvet DJ’s Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC has it covered… literally. This impressively powerful 150-watt LED-driven moving-head fixture dishes out the lumens and delivers plenty of fun and excitement, courtesy of independent 8-slot gobo and colour wheels, plus two rotating prisms and tons of other on-board options. One thing Musiekwereld mobile DJs love about the Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC is its motorized focus, which lets you set up in a different venue every night and easily dial in your lights so everything is crisp and clean. Top it off with user-defined pan/tilt ranges and all the control options you could ask for, and the Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC is an amazing asset for any serious DJ lighting rig.

Setup is a breeze with this intelligent fixture
With many built-in automated and sound-active programs, the Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC is easy to get up and running. Many convenient functions such as movement macros, move-in-black, and sound-activated features have been programmed in to minimize your set up time. What’s more, it works with the IRC-6 remote, so you don’t need to touch DMX or even leave the DJ booth to get the Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC up and running.

Linkable DMX and power save you time
All of Chauvet’s Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC lights can be linked together in DMX mode for easy control. You can also power link lights together to save time running cables and extension cords. The Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC has many built-in automated programs that let you generate a synchronized show in master/slave mode.

LED technology for greener, cooler, more versatile fixtures
Chauvet is one of the first companies to bring high-output LED technology to lighting fixtures made for music production and DJing, and they’re certainly one of the best. As a US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certified company, Musiekwereld really gets the value in LED fixtures. Drawing just a tenth (or less) the wattage of a similar incandescent fixture, typical LED fixtures not only save you cash at the meter, but they also dramatically reduce the temperature onstage or on the dance floor. On top of that, LED fixtures like this provide you with all kinds of added perks such as vivid colour (no need for gels), no duty cycles, and all the control you could ask for.


Tech Specs

  • Type: Moving-head Spot
  • DMX:3-pin XLR In/Out
  • DMX Modes:9, 15 channels
  • LED Type: White 150W
  • Illuminance:38,000 lux @ 2m (10°), 19,850 lux @ 2m (23°)
  • Pan & Tilt: Pan – 540°/360°/180° ; Tilt – 270°/180°/90°
  • Power Consumption:277W, 2.5A @ 120V AC
  • Power Supply: PowerCON input/output connectors
  • Remote: IRC-6 (sold separately)
  • Height:18.3″
  • Width:12.7″
  • Depth:8.6″
  • Weight: 27.2 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: INTIMSPOT375ZIRC