Hybrid B1800 MK6 1800 Watt Power Amplifier



  • Mains Voltage display
  • Per Channel temperature display
  • Soft start
  • Seamless automatic clip limiters
  • Independent thermal protection per Channel
  • Multi-stage variable speed forced air cooling
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection
  • DC protection
  • Speakon outputs
  • Balanced line XLR inputs
  • Detachable mains
  • Stereo, Parallel & Bridge mode operation

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About Hybrid B1800 MK6 1800 Watt Power Amplifier:

Hybrid B1800MK6 – 2 Channels x 900 Watt RMS

New Hybrid B Series MK6 – Affordable power amplifiers redesigned
The new Hybrid B Series MK6 power amplifiers are here, and they’ve been redesigned for better performance and affordability.
It’s a pretty widely known farce among professionals that the numbers in a power amplifier model number have little or nothing to do with the actual power output of the amplifier itself. Some companies use the model number to make potential buyers think the amplifier is actually more powerful than it is, this can confuse those who aren’t too familiar with technical specifications.
The Hybrid B Series power amplifiers have always been an incredibly good affordable option, they use the power amplifier’s actual RMS power output as model numbers, making it fairly easy to find one to suit your needs, without having to read through several manuals and spec sheets.

The Hybrid B Series power amplifiers are affordable however they still feature a large amount of the professional features you would find on amplifiers double the price. From short-circuit, DC and thermal protection to clip limiting and soft-starting, the new amplifiers feature ample protection for your speakers and the amplifier itself.
What’s new in the design?
The new Hybrid B Series power amplifiers feature a new and improved power supply design and a digital display which shows you the mains voltage and each of the channel’s temperature. The amplifier’s feature fully-balanced inputs and locking Speakon connectors on the outputs. They’re capable of running in Stereo, Parallel and Bridged mode.


Tech Specs

  • Weight: 19kg Dimensions: 50 x 46 x 10cm Brand: Hybrid