Hybrid+ Master 4096 Professional Standalone Lighting Controller



  • Total 4096 channels with 6 individual optical isolated DMX outputs and Net-work interfaces.
  • Maximum 400 Units for patching all kinds of Fixtures.
  • 10.4″TFT-LCD touch screen for operating.
  • Offers a VGA interface for external monitor to display more edited information.
  • Up to 1120 playbacks can be programmed which controlled by 24 playback faders 30 pages together with 20 playback keys 20 pages. Totally 44 playbacks can be run simultaneous.
  • Offers 4 optical encoders for details setting.
  • Up to 400 Groups.
  • Up to 400 Presets.
  • Up to 400 Macro Shows can be saved which allow to be triggered by external MIDI time code or internal clock.
  • Up to 400 user-defined shape effects.
  • Shortcut area provides a quick way for selecting Fixtures, Groups, Presets, Custom Shape Effects, Macro Shows or Fixed Playbacks.
  • Colour-mix system provides a colour palette for users to control fixtures with RGB or CMY channels more conveniently.
  • Shape Generator provides various effects which can be modified with different parameters. Offer effect forms for users creating User-defined shape effects.
  • Provides 5 levels of precedence for playbacks.
  • Playbacks can be divided into two sections as, Playback A and Playback B. Allows playbacks on Playback A or B stand by output.
  • New time system. Offer attributes times for playbacks.
  • Provide over 8000 Libraries in system. Enable users to edit System Library or create custom Library.
  • Support multiple DMX network protocols. DMX 512 signal can be transmitted over network.
  • Freely download Upgrade Version and System Library.
  • An internal electronic disk allows user to backup show data.
  • USB interface allows users to backup shows in external disk.
  • Provide MIDI in and out interfaces to connect and work with other consoles.
  • Option: 12V auxiliary light.
  • Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz.

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About Hybrid+ Master 4096 Professional Standalone Lighting Controller:

4096 channels with 6 individual optical isolated DMX outputs and Net-work interfaces capable of 8 universes

The New MASTER 4096 Features A 10.4” TFT-LCD Touchscreen With An Additional VGA Output For Displaying Various Additional Parameters.
As The Name Suggests, It Boasts Up To 4096 Channels, With Six Individual Optical Isolated DMX Outputs.
The Unit Features 30 Pages Of 24 Linear Faders Alongside 20 Pages Of 20 Playback Keys, Allowing For Hands-On Control Of Even Your Most Demanding Lighting Shows. It’s Also Got the Same ColourMixing System as Mentioned Above.
The MASTER 4096 Features An Additional Shortcuts Section, Which Provides You Quick Access To Various Assignable Parameters.
The Unit Also Features The Four Optical Encoders For Fine-Controls, Internal Memory, USB Storage Capabilities And MIDI In And Out.


Tech Specs

  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Dimensions: 65 × 71 × 24 cm
  • Brand: Hybrid
  • Z: LightingControllers&DimmerPacks