Laney AH300 300 Watt Keyboard Amp



Laney AH300 300 Watt Keyboard Amp Features:

  • Robust cabinet construction designed for heavy use
  • Integrated amplifier
  • Ergonomic design for easy transport
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Deep lows, clear vocals and crisp high notes

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About Laney AH300 300 Watt Keyboard Amp:

Laney AH300 Audiohub 15” woofer and Tweeter, 300W RMS, two-band EQ and FX send

The AH300 multi-input combo features 5 channels, 5-band graphic master EQ and on-board effect. 300W RMS power is coupled to a 15” woofer plus tweeter. As with all the products in Laney’s Audiohub lineup, flexible connectivity is one of the AH300’s greatest attributes.
Audiohub combos deliver optimum performance, flexibility and sound quality for a wide array of audio inputs: Keyboards, e-drums, mics, acoustic and electric instruments and playback are all at home with an Audiohub combo.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the AH300 has five channels with a variety of input options including XLR, Jack, RCA and Mini Jack. Each channel has a Level control and CH 1-4 also feature two-band EQ and FX send. The 5-band Master Graphic EQ provides control of the overall mix.
The AH300 features 16 on board digital effects presets. Options include reverbs, delays, echo, chorus + reverb, chorus + delay and reverb + delay. In addition, the effect level can be adjusted independently on CH 1-4 via their FX send controls.

The AH300 has a comprehensive selection of output options: Line Out is post master volume, so it is ideal for linking to another amplifier or PA whilst retaining control from the AH150. Alt Out sends the mix pre-Graphic EQ, Master Volume and Aux in. This defers master control to front of house or works as a record out without including the backing tracks. A Phones connection with Level control allows headphones for silent use or performance monitoring.

With a focus on producing extremely versatile, high-quality live sound amplification that will stand up to the abuse of professional entertainers, Laney Amplification was founded in 1967 out of an obsession with music and electronics. Laney products provide exceptional value and reliability, all while delivering powerful sound reinforcement with tight bass, clear vocals and crisp highs. If you’re looking for maximum performance with minimal investment, look no further than Laney’s lineup of active PA systems.


Tech Specs

  • Digital delay with feedback, time and level controls
  • 5 Channels – all instruments welcome
  • Speaker Size:1 x 15″, 1 x horn tweeter
  • Total Power:150W
  • EQ:5-band EQ
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR/1/4″ mono , 2 x 1/4″ (stereo link), 1 x RCA, 1 x 1/8″ TRS (aux)
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4″ (L/mono, R),
  • Height:54.8 cm
  • Width:51.5 cm
  • Depth:43.5 cm
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AH300