LR Baggs Element Active VTC Acoustic Guitar Pickup



LR Baggs Element VTC Pickup System Features:

  • Acoustic-electric guitar pickup system that delivers the sound of a studio-recorded instrument
  • Treble tone control and special compression circuit softens low-frequency thump
  • Added harmonics offer a tape-like saturation for a warmer tone
  • A pickup senses the guitar’s top, not string movement, eliminating piezo quack
  • Convenient soundhole-located controls
  • Easy-to-read multi-segment battery check

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About LR Baggs Element Active VTC Acoustic Guitar Pickup:

Under-saddle Acoustic Guitar Pickup with Soundhole-mounted Tone Control, EQ, and Phase Inversion

Continuing their legacy of producing some of the finest, most widely renowned acoustic pickup systems on the market, LR Baggs offers up the EAS-VTC to the playing public. This updated system includes a treble tone control along with a special compression circuit that softens the thump of the low frequency, ensuring that your tone is clear and a delight to the ears. The EAS system has won over many acoustic players here at Musiekwereld for its incredibly pristine translation of amplified acoustic tone. One thing is sure that you will see LR Baggs brand on most top brands like Martin Acoustics. That information will tell you more than quality and trust will give you more than the true amplified sound that you are expecting.

The Element under-saddle transducer in the EAS-VTC system has a minimalist design and broad surface contact area that lets it get the most out of your instrument. It is engineered to sense every movement of your guitar’s top, delivering a natural tone that is free of the typical piezo “quack” that can plague many under-saddle designs. It is also a fantastic way for modern fingerstyle players to get the most from their percussive techniques. With controls located conveniently in the soundhole, you won’t have an unsightly preamp cut into the side of your guitar.


Tech Specs:

  • Instrument: Acoustic Guitar
  • Type: PIezo Pickup with Volume and Tone Control
  • Position: Undersaddle (3/32” and 1/8”)
  • Active/Passive: Active (9V Battery)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EAS-VTC