Mapex T875 Saddle Top Double-braced Drum Throne with Backrest



Mapex T875 Saddle Top Double-braced Drum Throne with Backrest Features:

  • 17-inch x 4-inch saddle top throne with vinyl covering and adjustable backrest
  • Wide and double-braced quad legs feature extra-large slip-proof feet for superior stability
  • Super secure clamp mount adds extra sturdiness
  • Height adjustable between 19–25 inches

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About Mapex T875 Saddle Top Double-braced Drum Throne with Backrest:

17″ x 4″ Saddle Top Drum Throne with Vinyl Covering and Adjustable Backrest, Double-braced Quad Legs, Clamp Mount, and Height Adjustment

The 800 Series of drum thrones from Mapex supplies the exceptional comfort and adjustability that all timekeepers will completely treasure behind the kit. Based on double-braced quad legs with extra-large slip-proof feet, Musiekwereld drummers have found these Mapex thrones to be as stable as the come, offering incredible performance security onstage, in the studio, and everywhere in between. The ultra-secure clamp mount and spindle-locking threaded steel post provide additional sturdiness. Plus, no matter how high or low your height preference is, this throne’s 6-inch range ensures that you’ll keep hammering away worry-free.

The T875 model comes equipped with a 17-inch-wide x 4-inch-thick saddle top cushioned seat with a soft vinyl covering and adjustable backrest, providing plenty of cushion and support for comfortable drum sessions time and time again.


Tech Specs:

  • Seat Type: Saddle
  • Seat Size: 17″ x 4″
  • Backrest: Yes
  • Material: Black Leather
  • Legs: Double-braced
  • Height: 19″-25″
  • Manufacturer Part Number: T875