Meinl Headliner HCAJ1NT Cajon



Meinl Percussion Headliner Series String Cajon Features:

  • Affordable and highly adjustable Cajon
  • Tunable internal strings and front plate for customizing your sound
  • The clear tone from the rubberwood front plate
  • Anti-slip sitting surface
  • Allen wrench included
  • 11 3/4″ W x 19 3/4″ H x 12 1/4″Dial in your own tonal range with the Meinl Percussion Headliner Series String Cajon!

We can order this product for you from the factory as soon as you request stock.

About Meinl Headliner HCAJ1NT Cajon:

Siam Oak MEINL Headliner Cajon

High-quality Affordable Cajon
If you rely on a Cajon as an important part of your percussion setup, you’ll be well served by this Meinl Percussion Headliner Series String Cajon. From the environmentally sustainable rubberwood cabinet construction and rubberwood front plate to the fully adjustable front plate and strings, this Cajon is designed for the crisp sound needed for a traditional flamenco and world music. Percussionists at Musiekwereld are impressed with this cajon’s wide tonal range, from deep and resonant bass tones to clear, snappy highs. You’ll lose yourself in the groove with the Meinl Percussion Headliner Series String Cajon.

The MEINL Headliner® Series Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or world music. They are also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set can’t be used.


Tech Specs:

  • Type: Cajon
  • Size:  11.75”x 18”x 12.5”
  • Material: Siam Oak with Siam Frontplate
  • Manufacturer Part Number:  HCAJ1NT