Midas MR12 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer

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Midas MR12 Rackmount Digital Mixer Features:

  • 12-channel digital mixer with onboard DSP and wireless control
  • 4 Midas Pro microphone preamplifiers deliver transparent gain
  • 40-bit floating-point digital encoding provides 112dB of dynamic range
  • Dugan-style auto mixing flawlessly manages microphone levels
  • Onboard DSP includes 4 independent effects processors
  • Full dynamics and EQ available for stereo master and all 6 aux buses
  • Choose from 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic equalizer types
  • Integrated tri-mode Wi-Fi router for secure and stable wireless connections
  • Free iOS and Android apps let you take full control of your mix
  • Free software and Ethernet connectivity offers Mac, Windows, and Linux PC control
  • MIDI I/O allows you to add tactile control via any control surface with 5-pin MIDI
  • 2-channel digital recorder lets you record your mix and play back tracks
  • Includes rackmount ears for standard 19″ equipment racks

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About Midas MR12 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer:

12-input/6-bus Rackmount Digital Mixer with 4 Midas Pro Preamps, Auto Mixing, Integrated Tri-mode Wi-Fi Router, 2-channel USB 2.0 Audio Interface, DSP, MIDI Control, and Free Control Apps for Mac/PC/Linux/iOS/Android

M Series Mixing for Your Compact Live Rig
The 12-channel Midas MR12 rackmount digital mixer brings the awesome sound of Midas’s M-series consoles to the small stage. Whether you want stellar sound for your small band or need a portable presentation system that delivers top-quality results, the MR12 is a perfect fit for your rack. Onboard, you’ll find four legendary Midas Pro preamps, auto mixing, and amazing DSP effects processing. In addition to flexible analog I/O, the MR12 features a stereo digital recorder, MIDI control, and a freestanding Wi-Fi router for wireless control via iOS, Android, and computer.

Loaded with legendary Midas Pro Preamps
Midas Pro microphone preamplifiers are praised throughout the live sound industry. Their high common-mode rejection ratio and low harmonic distortion produce transparency that’s so good, they are perfectly suited for studio recording as well as sound reinforcement. To make the most of these preamps, Midas outfitted the MR12 with 40-bit floating-point DSP architecture capable of sustaining 112dB of dynamic range. It provides the best possible accuracy for the onboard Dugan-style auto-mixing engine. This brilliant bit of processing actually manages microphone levels for you, cutting down the gain of unused preamps and balancing the levels between multiple presenters or performers. Together, these technologies practically guarantee professional sound.

Flexible DSP for effects, EQ, and dynamics
Powerful digital signal processing is one of the key components that has made the medium-format M32 one of the most popular digital mixing consoles Musiekwereld has carried, and it’s all available to you in the ultra-compact MR12. In fact, the MR12 comes loaded with four DSP effects processors. Choose from legendary studio gear and industry-standard effects that let you enhance your audio in powerful and creative ways. This onboard DSP also extends to the stereo master bus and all six aux buses, providing them with full dynamics processing plus your choice of 6-band parametric or 31-band graphic EQs. If you’ve been running live sound for some time, then you’re probably going to need a smaller rack, because there’s no reason to haul around a ton of outboard gear when you’re mixing on a Midas MR12.

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and MIDI control on-board
Rackmount digital mixers like the Midas MR12 are always a bit of a daunting concept to anyone who hasn’t used one before. Luckily, Midas has a well-established history of providing reliable wireless control over their digital mixers via a number of avenues. First up, there are free apps for iOS and Android that let you harness the full potential of your MR12 wirelessly, making it easy to control the mix from anywhere. A tri-mode Wi-Fi router built into the MR12 ensures that you’ll always have the best possible connection to your mixer. An Ethernet connection provides even more secure control via your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC with the provided control software. And if you prefer hands-on control, you can hook up any MIDI controller and take command of the mix with tactile faders, buttons, and knobs.


Tech Specs

  • Type: Digital
  • Channels:12
  • Inputs – Mic Preamps: 4 x XLR-1/4″ combo
  • Phantom Power:4 channels
  • Inputs – Line: 8 x 1/4″ (2 x Hi-Z)
  • Outputs – Main:2 x XLR
  • Inserts: Main (left, right)
  • Aux Sends: 6 aux buses
  • Busses/Groups: 2 x 1/4″ (aux sends)
  • USB: 1 x Type A
  • Computer Connectivity:USB (2 x 2), Ethernet, Wi-Fi (built-in Tri-mode router)
  • MIDI I/O: In/Out
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4″
  • EQ Bands: 6-band parametric EQ, 31-band graphic
  • Effects: 4 x effects engines
  • Signal Processing: Dynamics
  • Software: PC, Mac, iOS, Android Apps available
  • Rackmountable: Yes
  • Height: 3.74″
  • Depth: 5.8″
  • Width: 13.1″
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MR12