Mooer MTR1 Trelicopter Optical Tremolo Effects Pedal

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Mooer MTR1 Trelicopter Optical Tremolo Effects Pedal Features:

  • Pint-sized powerhouse of tremolo
  • Pure and unadulterated sound when disengaged thanks to true bypass
  • Warm and natural tremor effect delivered by unique optical circuit
  • Perfect for live performances and recording sessions due to compact size

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About Mooer MTR1 Trelicopter Optical Tremolo Effects Pedal:

Tremelo Pedal for Electric Guitar with Speed, BIAS, Depth Control

The Mooer MTR1 Trelicopter Optical Tremolo Pedal is a must-have for any guitarist looking to add an extra layer of depth and texture to their sound. This pedal uses a unique optical circuit that produces warm and natural tremolo effects. The intensity and speed of the effect can be easily adjusted with the simple control knob, allowing for a wide range of sonic possibilities. With the MTR1 Trelicopter, you can effortlessly create stunning rhythmic patterns and add a touch of vintage charm to your performances.

Tweak your tremolo tone

The controls on the Mooer MTR1 Trelicopter Pedal are incredibly intuitive and enable you to shape your sound with precision. Its speed, located at the top of the pedal, controls the pace hat your sound dips in and out. Turning this clockwise will increase the speed of the effect, producing a faster tremolo pattern. Conversely, turning it anti-clockwise will slow the effect down, ensuring your tone is more subtle and subdued. What’s more, this control can be used to create anything from a gentle wave to a rapid-fire strobe.

Also equipped on this pedal is a depth control, located underneath the speed dial. This is used to adjust the intensity of the effect. You can also increase the depth of the effect, resulting in a more pronounced and powerful tremolo. On the other hand, decreasing this will create more subtle and understated sounds. Additionally, the MTR1 Tremolo features a true bypass design, ensuring that your tone remains pure and unadulterated when the pedal is disengaged, making it a reliable and versatile tool for any guitarist.


  • Pedal Type:Tremelo
  • Inputs:1 x Instrument
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4″
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Current draw: 5mA
  • Height:52 mm
  • Width:42 mm
  • Depth:93.5 mm
  • Weight:160 gram
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Trelicopter