PDP Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum – 14 x 6

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PDP Concept Series All-Maple Black Wax Snare Features

  • Acrylic snare drum
  • Snappy snare tone
  • Adds a unique sound to any acoustic drum kit or snare regiment

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About PDP Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum – 14 x 6:

6″ x 14″ Acrylic Snare Drum with 1.2mm Shell and Triple-flanged Hoops – Clear

PDP/Chad Smith (Chili Peppers) Signature 14″ Acrylic Snare
Chad Smith and PDP’s musical partnership was forged in the fires of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Getaway World Tour. Chad was looking for a side snare with the volume and musicality needed to get crowds up on their feet night after night. PDP took his request a step further and introduced the PDP Concept Series Chad Smith signature line of snare drums. Available in 12″, 13″, and 14″ sizes, these seamless acrylic snares are at once cutting and responsive, and run far beyond simple side-snare territory. A pair of triple-flanged hoops and a full outfit of DW-inspired hardware — including iconic Dual Turret lugs and a MAG magnetic throw off — position these snares squarely in the centre of your kit. A commemorative Affinity Star signature badge adorns each shell.

Seamless acrylic shell
The PDP Chad Smith signature snare bears all the marks of yesterday’s classics — a dry, throaty attack with output and definition to cut through a mix — without the brittleness of past acrylics. PDP’s seamless shell resonates as one entity, for maximum resonance and sensitivity for drummers who demand it most.

Hardware inspired by DW
From the Dual Turret lugs to the MAG throw-off, DW’s influence in bringing the PDP Chad Smith signature snare drum to life is undeniable. Pro-quality shells and hardware at an intermediate price is just one of the reasons why drummers at Musiekwereld stand behind our PDP drums.


Tech Specs:

  • Type Snare
  • Shell (Depth x Diameter) 6″ x 14″
  • Shell Material Acrylic
  • Hoops Chrome
  • Colour Clear
  • Heads Remo USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number PDSN0614SSCS