Rode STEREO VIDEOMIC PRO RYCOTE Camera-Mount Stereo Microphone



RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote Features:

  • Captures true-to-life stereo audio atop your camera
  • Great for live music, interviews, sporting events, and general ambience
  • Extended frequency range (40Hz–20kHz) captures deep bass and lifelike highs
  • Rycote Lyre suspension shock mount is virtually unbreakable, reduces unwanted handling noise
  • Improved shielding reduces interference from wireless systems
  • Integrated 3.5mm stereo cable is Kevlar reinforced for longevity
  • Easy operator access to pad, boost, and 75Hz highpass filters
  • An included foam windscreen is denser and more effective, yet still acoustically neutral
  • Powers up with a 9-volt battery
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty after registration

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About Rode STEREO VIDEOMIC PRO RYCOTE Camera-Mount Stereo Microphone:

Stereo XY Camcorder Mic with Rycote Lyre Shockmount System, Pad/Boost/Highpass, Foam Windscreen, and Integrated 3.5mm Stereo Cable

Envelop Your Viewers in Lifelike Stereo Audio
Capturing clean stereo audio is essential to drawing your audience into a scene or chronicling the live electricity of an event. And what the VideoMic Pro has done for on-camera dialogue capture, the RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote does for location work, interviews, live music, and sporting events. This mic features a matched pair of high-sensitivity, low-noise 1/2″ condensers in a fixed XY pattern to keep your stereo field in perfect phase for mono fold-down. An unbreakable Rycote Lyre suspension shock mount reduces handling noise and the pitter-patter of your own feet from muddying your audio — which makes the RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote a great option for run-and-gun shooters. Other operator-friendly features include back access to RODE’s familiar pad, boost, and highpass filters, along with an included foam shield to block wind noise for fieldwork.

Stereo condensers bring music and field audio to life
While shotgun and lav mics are great for dialogue, their directionality can make live music and fieldwork come across flat. The RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote captures an extra-wide stereo field that’s much more true to life. Plus, RODE’s 1/2″ XY condenser spacing keeps audio in a perfect phase when played back through mono and mobile devices.

Unbreakable Rycote Lyre shock mount cuts rumble
Unlike rubber bands, the Stereo VideoMic Pro’s Rycote Lyre shock mount is made from thermoplastic that will never snap, bend, or break. This suspension system stabilizes the mic from the movement that can so easily translate to acoustic energy in the form of rumbling. And take it from Musiekwereld — rumbly audio is the last thing you want to deal with when you’re busy getting the perfect shot.

Improved cabling and shielding
The improved Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote sees a number of improvements over its 2012 predecessor. The integrated cable is fortified with Kevlar for greater durability, and improved shielding in both the cable and mic reduces interference from wireless systems into your signal.


Tech Specs:

  • Microphone Type: Condenser
  • Mono/Stereo: Stereo dual capsules
  • Polar Pattern: XY Stereo
  • Frequency Range: 40Hz-20kHz
  • Max SPL: 134dB SPL (1kHz at 1% THD, 1 Kohm)
  • Output Impedance: 200 ohms
  • Self Noise: 18dB (A-weighted)
  • Low Cut Filter: 75Hz
  • Pads: -10dB
  • Power: 9V battery
  • Connector: 1/8″ TRS plug
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SVMPR