Sennheiser E 600 Drum Microphone Kit



Samson DK707 7-piece Drum Mic Kit Features at a Glance:

  • Drum mic kit with Q71 kick mic, 4 Q72 dynamic microphones, and 2 C02 pencil condensers
  • Q71 kick mic reproduces the full essence of your bass drum
  • Q72 dynamic microphones are tailored to snares and toms
  • C02 pencil condensers craft an accurate 3D image of your drum kit
  • Supercardioid/cardioid designs for superb off-axis noise rejection
  • Ample SPL handling for capturing loud sources
  • Includes mic adapters and rim clips for easy mic placement
  • Durable hardshell carry case for easy portability and storage

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About Sennheiser E 600 Drum Microphone Kit:

Complete Drum Miking Solution with Kick Drum Microphone, 4 Snare/Tom Microphones, and 2 Condenser Microphones for Overheads/Cymbals

A limited-edition drum mic kit!

Reach for the Sennheiser e600 Drum Pack when you need to effectively mic up a a drum kit. Inside the e600 Drum Pack you’ll find a mic tuned specifically for low frequencies, a quartet of tom- and snare-friendly mics, and a pair of condensers for overheads and cymbals. In all, you get seven mics, each specifically chosen for the e600 Drum Pack to handle a specific task.

To handle the kick drum, there’s the Sennheiser e602 II, a cardioid instrument mic especially suited for use with bass drums, bass guitar cabs, tubas and other low frequency instruments.

Toms and snare need more midrange and high-frequency content to really punch through, and the e604 delivers. The e604 is a high-SPL handling (more than 150dB) cardioid microphone, optimized for use on drum sets and other percussion miking applications. The e604 microphone actually comes with an integrated, pivoting mount that can screw directly onto mic stands or attach to the rim of a drum, making setup very efficient. A balanced, clear, low-distortion signal from the e604 is similar to a high-end studio condenser microphone. A lightweight voice coil provides extended high frequency and rapid transient response. This quality drum mic is housed in a tough, reinforced glass fiber body designed to suppress impact noise. If you’re looking to mic your toms or snare, the e604 is a dynamic mic ready for the job!

The e614’s supercardioid pattern, in combination with a neutral response and moderate sensitivity, insures optimum isolation from other instruments on stage. Unobtrusive for precise placement and powered by external phantom power, the e614 tolerates extremely high SPLs, precisely capturing cymbals and hi-hats like no other mic in its price range.

Sennheiser e600 Drum Pack 7-piece Drum Mic Kit:

  • Limited edition
  • (1) e602-II cardioid dynamic for kick drum
  • (4) e604 cardioid dynamic for toms/snare
  • (2) e614 super-cardioid condenser for overheads/hat

Tech Specs

  • Number of Microphones:7
  • Included Models:1 x e602-II, 2 x e614, 4 x e604
  • Microphone Type:Dynamic (e602-II, e604), Condenser (e614)
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid (e602-II, e604), Supercardioid (e614)
  • Max SPL:139dB SPL (e614)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:504296