Thomastik Dominant Violin String Set TH135 – 4/4 Size

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Thomastik-Infeld Dominant Violin Strings Features:

  • Extra-flexible, multi-strand synthetic cores exhibit warm, gut-like harmonic textures
  • Delivers pitch stability regardless of humidity — a must for all violinists
  • Maintains a rich, clear, overtone-laden tone over a long string life
  • Widely recognized as the reference standard for violin strings
  • 4 strings: E-130 (aluminum-wound, carbon steel core, ball-end); A-131, D-132 (aluminum-wound, synthetic core); G-133 (silver-wound, synthetic core)

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About Thomastik Dominant Violin String Set TH135 – 4/4 Size:

Violin String Set with Aluminum-wound Ball-end E String – 4/4 Size

Reference-standard Violin Strings

Violinists demand two things from their strings: impeccable tone and unyielding reliability. With Thomastik-Infeld’s Dominant violin strings, you get both. For starters, their extra-flexible, multi-strand synthetic cores exhibit the perfect balance between the warm harmonic textures of gut strings and brilliance of steel. Beyond that, Dominant strings deliver pitch stability regardless of humidity — a must for any violinist. Violinists at Musiekwereld appreciate the long life of these strings. Even after hours of heavy use, Dominant strings maintain a rich, clear sound that’s ripe with overtones. Thomastik-Infeld has produced high-end orchestral and fretted instrument strings for more than 100 years, and Dominant violin strings are some of their best — a reference standard if there ever was one.

Materials chosen carefully

The materials can have a great effect on the sound a string produces. This is why string makers will design their strings to produce certain timbres or to complement certain instruments. Dominants are no exception, the E string features a carbon steel core with aluminium winding. This winding darkens the sound, reducing shrillness and improving the bow response making this an enjoyable string to play. The remainder of the strings feature a synthetic core, synthetic cores are often used for their similarity in tone to gut while not suffering from the tuning instability, lack of durability and less good projection that gut strings tend to have.

Sizing your strings

These strings are available in sizes from full size (4/4) all the way down to 1/16 size. Such a variety is quite uncommon on strings often seen in professional circles and makes these strings accessible to all players. Thomastik stresses the importance of getting the correct size and recommends you check your instrument’s measurements before purchasing your strings. Thomastik measures their strings according to vibrating string length. Measuring this is simple, you measure from the nut (top of the fingerboard) to where the strings meet the bridge. This is the length of the string that freely vibrates so, therefore, is the vibrating string length. Fortunately, as a violin, your instrument should more or less match up to Thomastik’s measurements as the violin sizes are more uniform than the other string instruments.

Alternative string options available

You may find that certain materials have a nicer sound or complement your instrument better. Fortunately, the Dominant range comes with some alternative string types that may suit your preferences. If your instrument is naturally dark sounding already then the stainless steel unwound E string may be a good option. Unwound E strings tend to produce a brighter tone which can complement darker instruments excellently. A set is also available with this particular string in it instead of the aluminium wound E string.

A tin-plated E string is also available, this isn’t as dark sounding as the aluminium wound E string but is darker than the unwound E string. Perfect if you’re seeking a slightly darker sounding E string on a darker sounding instrument. The Dominant 4/4 size D strings also feature a silver wound variation. Silver produces a darker sound than aluminium and has a slightly slower bow response, this is why silver is seen on the G string in this range. The silver D string is ideal for brighter instruments where the aluminium D string would be too overpowering compared to the other strings.


  • Type:Complete Set
  • Instrument Size:4/4
  • Core Material:Carbon Steel (E), Synthetic (A, D, G)
  • Winding Material:Aluminum (E, A, D), Silver (G)
  • Gauge:Medium
  • End Type:Ball
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TH135