Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725 Digital Upright Piano with Bench – Matte Black



Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725 Digital Upright Piano Features:

  • CFX and Bösendorfer Samples with astonishing power, brilliance, brightness, and touch response for enhanced expression
  • GrandTouch-S keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops conveys the playing feel of an acoustic grand
  • 3D binaural sampling (CFX only) sounds stunning in your headphones as it re-creates the positioning of the instrument in an acoustic space
  • Dedicated fortepiano voice allows you to hear classical compositions authentically, as the original composers did
  • Grand Expression Modeling simulates the mechanics of the hammers, strings, and internal components of the piano
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) for vivid, richly detailed expression that reflects the countless sonic nuances that create the sound of a concert grand piano
  • Traditional triple-pedal layout with Damper, Soft, and Sostenuto pedals
  • USB-to-Host connectivity for connection to macOS/Windows computers
  • 2 stereo Headphone jacks; ideal for quiet late-night duets
  • Robust 256-note Polyphony for reliably rich sonic nuance
  • Included piano bench and 50 Classical Music Masterpieces book

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About Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725 Digital Upright Piano with Bench – Matte Black:

88-key Digital Upright Piano with Grand Expression Modeling, Virtual Resonance Modeling, GrandTouch-S Keyboard, and 20W Stereo Speaker System – Matte Black

The Perfect Entry into Yamaha’s Clavinova Series

If you’re considering adding a digital piano to your home, the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725 offers a real-world piano playing experience wrapped in a beautiful traditional upright cabinet. Yamaha’s highly responsive GrandTouch-S keyboard with escapement and synthetic ebony and ivory keytops ensures realistic playability, while world-class Yamaha CFX Grand and Bösendorfer Imperial voices provide ear-pleasing treats. Beyond that, binaural sampling and Virtual Resonance Modeling certify an enveloping, full-bodied sound through both headphones and the CLP-725’s built-in speaker system. Given its handsome looks and robust feature set, the CLP-725 makes for the perfect entry into Yamaha’s Clavinova series.

A wealth of new features delivers the finest Clavinova experience ever

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725 delivers an unbelievable acoustic grand piano experience. GrandTouch-S keyboard action reproduces the touch, feel, and dynamic range of a concert grand better than ever. You get 10 onboard sounds, including a Bösendorfer Imperial and a binaurally sampled Yamaha CFX Grand that sound stunning through headphones. What’s more, Yamaha’s latest Virtual Resonance Modeling simulates the vibrations and reverberation of a real acoustic grand piano through the CLP-725’s 20-watt stereo speaker system, filling the room with thrilling, hyper-realistic sound. A dedicated fortepiano voice allows you to perform and hear classical compositions authentically, just as the original composers did. Grand Expression Modeling simulates the mechanics of the hammers, strings, and internal components of the piano. It all adds up to the most advanced Clavinova ever, the culmination of four decades of continual digital piano development by the world’s premier piano maker.

  • Top-flight Bösendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX Grand piano samples
  • CFX employs binaural samples for a stunning headphone experience
  • Grand Expression Modeling simulates a piano’s mechanics and internal components
  • Dedicated fortepiano voice for authentic original-instrument performances
  • Impressive soundset with 10 amazingly lifelike voices

Grand Expression Modeling gives you the experience of playing an acoustic grand

The Clavinova CLP-725 delivers the authentic feel and response of a real acoustic piano. Yamaha calls it Grand Expression Modeling, and they should know. They’ve been perfecting their piano-making craft for over a century, and their grand pianos are standard equipment in top studios and on premier concert stages worldwide. Packed with unique, expertly integrated Yamaha technologies, the Clavinova CLP-725 provides renowned expressive capability as it precisely executes your nuanced musical intent through the responsive touch of its keys and the feel of its pedals. As you play, you’ll revel in the experience of playing an acoustic grand piano.

VRM physical modeling for stunning realism and expression

In a grand piano, sound resonates throughout the body of the instrument, producing distinctively rich, room-filling reverberation. Yamaha uses their Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) to re-create this acoustical phenomenon in the Clavinova CLP-725. VRM calculates the various states of the strings from one instant to the next for each of the instrument’s 88 notes. This enables vivid, richly varied expression that reflects the infinite number of factors involved in a live performance, including the velocity with which you strike the keys, which keys are pressed, and your pedal timing. The exhilaratingly lifelike sound that emanates from Yamaha’s latest-generation Clavinovas has won over even the most discerning pianists here at Musiekwereld. You simply must experience it for yourself.

The superb sound and feel of the world’s finest concert grand pianos

The Clavinova CLP-725 grand piano voices are sourced from premium, hand-selected Bösendorfer Imperial and Yamaha CFX Grand pianos tuned to perfection by top professional piano tuners. Only then were the sounds meticulously sampled in varying velocities, for a stunningly realistic grand piano sound with smooth tonal transformations perfectly matched to key pressure. From staccato to legato, and pianissimo to forte, you hear superbly expressive sound that responds beautifully to your touch. Featuring Yamaha’s Smooth Release technology, CLP-725 gives you realistic crisp staccatos and luxurious legatos for a nuanced response that’s identical to a real grand piano.


Tech Specs

  • Number of Keys:88
  • Type of Keys:GrandTouch-S Keyboard with Escapement
  • Touch Sensitivity:Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed
  • Presets:10 voices
  • Polyphony:256 Notes
  • Effects Types:4 x Reverb, Intelligent Acoustic Control
  • Song Playback:10 voice Demo, 50 Classics
  • Recording:2-track, 1 song, SMF
  • Metronome:Yes
  • Headphones:2 x 1/4″
  • Number of Pedals:3-pedal unit (damper, sostenuto, soft)
  • Built-in Speakers:2 x 4.7″
  • Amplifier:2 x 20W
  • Height:33.4″
  • Width:53.1″
  • Depth:16.3″
  • Weight:94.8 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:CLP725B