Yamaha YAS-26 Student Alto Saxophone – Gold Lacquer

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Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto Saxophone Features:

  • Post-to-body construction; yellow brass body and keys
  • Keys are nickel-plated for durability and wear-resistance
  • Standard neck
  • Redesigned neck receiver
  • Equipped with front F key
  • Improved low B–C# connection mechanism
  • Adjustable plastic thumb hook
  • Quality crafted in Yamaha’s state-of-the-art production facilities
  • Included 4C mouthpiece, ligature, and case

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About Yamaha YAS-26 Student Alto Saxophone – Gold Lacquer:

Eb Alto Saxophone, Yellow Brass, Nickel-plated Keys, with Standard Neck, Durable Neck Receiver, Front F Key, 4C Mouthpiece, and Case – Gold Lacquer

Yamaha’s Standard Entry-level Alto Saxophone

Incorporating design elements from their Professional and Custom Series horns, the Yamaha YAS-26 Standard alto saxophone is a reliable, well-made, and easy-to-play instrument that promises to nourish a beginner’s love for music and encourage their development. A favorite choice of music educators, the Yamaha YAS-26 sets a quality benchmark for entry-level alto saxophones. Student saxophonists love the YAS-26 for its smooth playability, great intonation, and expressive, full-bodied sound; band directors love it for its rock-solid construction. And parents will certainly appreciate its affordability! Start your budding saxophonist off on the right foot with the Yamaha YAS-26.

Designed for the developing saxophonist

Taking its cues from Yamaha’s esteemed professional saxophones, the YAS-26 delivers the responsiveness, precise intonation, and solid tonal core required to help developing saxophonists attain success. The YAS-26 is equipped with features commonly found on more expensive saxophones, such as a removable neck and a sturdy neck receiver. Yamaha’s excellent Standard Series neck sports a slightly narrower bore taper that promotes quick response and greater control, focusing notes and providing a more compact landing zone for intonation.

Responsive and easy to play

The YAS-26’s post-to-body construction also contributes to the horn’s ready response, while allowing for lighter overall weight. With less initial wind resistance, the YAS-26 resonates more immediately as compared with heavier ribbed-construction saxophones that generally require more effort from the player. While Yamaha’s immaculate keywork fosters proper fingering technique, the instrument is also fitted with an improved low B–C# linkage to facilitate smooth low-register note transitions. The YAS-26 comes with Yamaha’s high-quality 4C mouthpiece and yellow brass ligature, as well as a durable case. Factor in Yamaha’s legendary build quality, and the YAS-26 is the perfect starting point for any saxophonist’s musical journey.

Yamaha saxophones: designed and built for artists

In 1967, Yamaha debuted their first saxophones: the YAS-1 alto and the YTS-1 tenor. Both found favor in the sax player community. In fact, jazz great John Coltrane, who built his reputation on the tenor and soprano, played the prototype YAS-1 gifted him by Yamaha extensively during his 1966 tour of Japan. In 1972, Yamaha partnered with renowned classical saxophonist Dr. Eugene Rousseau to develop a new line of professional-class saxophones. After arduous years of prototyping, testing, and revisions, Yamaha introduced the fruits of their labor: the YAS-62 alto, the YTS-62 tenor, and the YSS-62 soprano. Designed with three guiding principles in mind — superior acoustics, top-notch mechanisms, and artistic feel — the 62 series saxophones represented a milestone for Yamaha, setting the company on the path to becoming one of the world’s most-respected saxophone makers.

A solid investment for a promising musical future

Today, Yamaha continues to adhere to the principles established during the creation of the original 62 series nearly a half century ago, providing saxophonists with fine instruments to inspire their artistry and meet their technical demands. Musiekwereld is proud to offer you Yamaha’s distinguished saxophone line, which offers outstanding value at every level, from student models to sophisticated professional saxophones heard in premier venues and concert halls around the globe. Widely recommended by teachers for their beginner and developing students, Yamaha’s Standard Series saxophones are workhorses of school bands worldwide. From its graceful, tone-shaping neck to its precision keywork, the YAS-26 is not only beautiful to behold and easy to play, it’s a solid investment for a promising musical future.


Tech Specs

  • Key:Eb
  • Level:Student
  • Finish:Gold Lacquer
  • Auxillary Keys:Front F
  • Body:Post on Body
  • Body Material:Yellow Brass
  • Neck Type:Standard
  • Neck Material:Yellow Brass
  • Bell Decoration:Stamped
  • Key Buttons:Polyester with Nickel-plated Keys
  • Springs:Stainless Steel
  • Pads:Leather & Wool Felt with Plastic Tone Boosters
  • Tone Holes:Drawn
  • Mouthpiece:4C
  • Thumb Hook:Adjustable, Plastic
  • Thumb Rest:Adjustable
  • Case/Gig Bag:Hardshell Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YAS-26Y