Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone – Gold Lacquer

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Yamaha YAS-280 Alto Saxophone Features:

  • Includes case & high-quality 4C mouthpiece
  • Yamaha quality creates the best student saxophone
  • Beautiful look and rich tone with a gold lacquer finish
  • Easier response from lower notes with the improved, stronger B-C# mechanism

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About Yamaha YAS280 Alto Saxophone – Gold Lacquer:

Eb Alto Saxophone, Yellow Brass, Brass Keys, with 280 Style Neck, High F#, Front F Auxiliary Keys, 4C Mouthpiece, and Case – Gold Lacquer

World’s top student saxophone

There’s a reason the Yamaha YAS280 is widely regarded as the number one student alto sax. By combining features that make learning a simpler and more enjoyable process, with a warm, quality tone, Yamaha has made an instrument that gives you the perfect start. One of the first things you’ll notice is the YAS280’s incredible intonation. Intonation is frequently an issue with student saxophones, but thanks to Yamaha’s meticulous manufacturing process, the YAS280 produces a great sound across all registers. Another notable quality is how free-blowing the saxophone is. Trickier lower notes become effortless with the Yamaha YAS280, meaning it’s easier than ever to master basic saxophone technique.

It’s comfortable to play too. Being lightweight and ergonomically shaped, the Yamaha YAS280 is a sax you’ll love to hold. All-round you’ll feel comfortable with your instrument, thanks also to the improved, stronger neck screw. Less likely to snap off, this development is ideal for musicians whose saxophone travels between school, band, and lessons. You can also relax with better adjustment thanks to a new low B-C# connector which offers greater stability. The included Yamaha 4C mouthpiece is well-regarded by teachers as a great mouthpiece to start on, providing a vastly superior tone compared to other beginner mouthpieces. Get a design and components that offer a beginner optimum support in their playing.

Refined details

Yamaha put great thought into every detail of your saxophone. Thanks to this, you get greater playing comfort with an adjustable thumb hook, to suit nearly any hand size. A feature like this works especially well for growing players, meaning you can keep your beloved sax as you mature. The stronger B-C# mechanism ensures a greater seal on the tricky C# key for a beautifully clear response.

It’s got the looks too…

Feel proud as you open your case. We know you won’t be able to stop looking at your new Yamaha YAS280 saxophone. Yamaha are known for using high-quality materials, so you know the brass they use is refined. Once the YAS280 has been assembled, a gorgeous gold lacquer is applied which provides a professional finish that’s fit for any occasion or performance venue. The lacquer adds to the sound too, producing a warmer, darker tone your audience will love.

Everything you need to get started

Nothing will hold you back from taking your precious new saxophone on your travels. The included lightweight moulded case provides ideal protection for your instrument, even on a busy school bus. It’s handy with multiple handles for carrying it in different ways or standing it up too. For an extra comfortable hold for longer journeys, the inclusion of both a shoulder strap and backpack straps mean you’ll have plenty of options to carry your case. You can carry sheet music easily and securely too with the secure zipped compartment at the front of your case.

About Yamaha Student International

All Yamaha instruments are designed to give you the best possible start to your musical journey. Yamaha appreciates that learning a musical instrument can be a life-changing experience, and this is why their instruments are easy to play and offer exceptional value.

Yamaha’s commitment to consistent high-quality has enabled them to be one of the world leaders in musical education. By having specialised developers for every instrument allows Yamaha to be constantly innovating their instruments so they remain as one of the market leaders.

Yamaha’s student range of instruments are known as a superb introduction for those serious about starting their musical journey. As you progress over time, you may be interested in Yamaha’s professional range of instruments. These instruments go through over 10 years of research and development to ensure the highest possible quality, which is why Yamaha is able to produce some of the best musical instruments in the world.


  • Key:Eb
  • Level:Student
  • Finish:Gold Lacquer
  • Auxillary Keys:High F#, Front F
  • Body:62 Shape
  • Body Material:Yellow Brass
  • Neck Type:280 style
  • Neck Material:Yellow Brass
  • Bell:Two-piece Brass
  • Key Buttons:Polyester with Brass Keys
  • Mouthpiece:4C
  • Thumb Hook:Adjustable, 
  • Thumb Rest:Adjustable
  • Case/Gig Bag:Backpack style lightweight case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:YAS-280