Jupiter JTB700A Student Tenor Trombone – Clear Lacquer

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Jupiter JTB700A Student Tenor Trombone Features:

  • Student-level Bb tenor trombone
  • Robust design easily survives bumps and bruises
  • 0.500-inch bore offers breath support and encourages proper embouchure development
  • 8-inch yellow brass bell delivers impressive projection
  • 1-piece leadpipe supplies a quick response
  • Durable nickel silver outer slide plays smoothly
  • Extended-lever water key makes it easy to drain condensation
  • Easy-to-maintain clear lacquer finish adds a warm tonal quality
  • Includes a case

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About Jupiter JTB700A Student Tenor Trombone – Clear Lacquer:

Tenor Trombone with 0.500″ Bore, 8″ Yellow Brass Bell, and Nickel Silver Outer Slide – Clear Lacquer

Fabulous Student-level Tenor Trombone

Learning trombone is an enriching and rewarding experience. For students and beginners, Musiekwereld Sales Engineers frequently recommend the Jupiter JTB700A. This student-level Bb tenor trombone offers a smooth and responsive playing experience with the durability to handle the rigors of school rehearsals and performances. It comes with a lacquered yellow brass body and 8-inch bell for impressive projection and a well-balanced sound. The 0.500-inch bore diameter provides a comfortable level of breath resistance to create a strong buzz. Players will appreciate the responsive 1-piece leadpipe, easy-playing slide, and extended-lever water key. With its student-centered design and uncompromising build quality, the Jupiter JTB700A is an amazing choice for beginners, hobbyists, and anyone who wants to play the trombone.

Designed to last

Ask any music instructor here at Musiekwereld, and they’ll all agree: students are hard on their instruments. That’s why Jupiter built the JTB700A to last through all the bumps and bruises of middle school and junior high. It comes with a durable nickel silver outer slide that handles accidental impacts, drops, and other slide-related slip-ups with absolute ease. The 1-piece leadpipe design withstands forcible mouthpiece insertions and contributes a fast, responsive playing feel. Plus, the JTB700A comes dressed up in a clear lacquer finish that’s easy to care for and looks great onstage.

Features fit for beginners

Every element of the JTB700A’s design is meant to foster a student’s musical development. First, the 0.500-inch bore offers comfortable breath resistance and helps the player produce a stable tone. Next comes an 8-inch yellow brass bell for robust, room-filling projection. The JTB700A has a bright-sounding nickel silver outer slide that plays like a dream. There’s even an extended lever for the water key, so younger students can comfortably drain condensation. Whether you’re a brass hobbyist or buying your student’s first trombone, you can’t go wrong with a Jupiter JTB700A.

Jupiter: guaranteed through graduation

A staple in classrooms everywhere, Jupiter band instruments are beloved by music teachers for good reason. Since 1980, the company has built high-quality band instruments for students of every development level. Innovations such as the Waveline flute headjoint and the patented Ergonomic trombone are just two examples of the company’s player-centered design philosophy. Each Jupiter instrument is inspected for quality throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that it can endure bumps and bruises as easily as it can navigate technical passages. Musiekwereld believes that every student should have access to the rich musical culture that unites us all. And with Jupiter’s player-first focus, anyone is welcome to embark upon an exciting and fulfilling musical journey through high school graduation and beyond.


Tech Specs

  • Type:Tenor
  • Key:Bb
  • Level:Student
  • Finish:Clear Lacquer
  • Bore:0.500″
  • Bell:8″
  • Bell Material:Yellow Brass
  • Inner Slide:Chrome-plated Nickel Silver
  • Outer Slide:Nickel Silver
  • Mouthpiece:Included
  • Case/Gig Bag:Hardshell Case
  • Manufacturer Part Number:JTB700A