Mapex Armory P810 Dual Chain Pedal



Mapex Armory P810 double chain pedal features: 

  • The double chain creates a more solid feel and great durability.
  • Solid Steel base plate
  • Advanced Bearing Drive Spring System

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About Mapex Armory P810 Dual Chain Pedal:

Mapex Armory P810 Single Pedal, Dual Chain drive With Falcon Beater Including Weights

Armory is a complete line of gig-quality hardware featuring heavy-duty tubes, double-braced legs, memory locks, and the adjustability needed by the serious player. To suit each drummer’s unique style and kit finish, Armory Hardware comes in chrome, black-plated, or a unique hybrid finish featuring chrome tubes and black plated fittings.


Tech Specs:

  • Falcon Beater Changeable Beater Weights
  • Extended Footboard Length
  • Self-Adjusting Hoop Clamp with Easy-Access Side-Mounted Adjuster
  • Black
  • Pedal Bag