Mapex Venus 5-piece Rock Complete Drum Set – Aqua Blue Sparkle

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Mapex Venus 5-piece Rock Complete Drum Set Features:

  • Shell dimensions: 7-inch x 10-inch and 8-inch x 12-inch rack toms; 14-inch x 16-inch floor tom; 16-inch x 22 inch bass drum; and 5-inch x 14-inch snare
  • 9-ply 7.2mm poplar shell construction offers low-end punch and a smooth upper range
  • SONIClear bearing edges provide better drumhead seating for a stronger and deeper sound and wide tuning range
  • Hi-hat stand, adjustable cymbal stand, and responsive chain-driven bass drum pedal are all included
  • Bass drum-mounted double tom mount provides superior stability and playing preference adaptability
  • Wooden bass drum hoops feature a classic look that helps improve shell resonance
  • Padded black vinyl drum throne is compact and makes your Venus kit easily navigable

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About Mapex Venus 5-piece Rock Complete Drum Set – Aqua Blue Sparkle:

5-piece Poplar Shell Pack with 10″ and 12″ Toms, 16″ Floor Tom, 22″ Bass Drum, and 14″ Snare (Cymbals not included – Aqua Blue Sparkle

Blast Off on Your Drumming Journey with the Venus!

Mapex affords first-time drummers all the necessary kit components to lay down instant grooves right out of the box with the Venus Series Complete Drum Set! Each 9-ply poplar shell rebounds with smooth and soft treble/midrange while still driving that solid low-end thump, providing a sizable tonal range for beginners in need of a comfortable and manageable sound. Mapex’s exclusive SONIClear bearing edge technology further unveils the ripe tones of this kit, much to the delight of drummers here at Musiekwereld. Accompanying stands, pedals, drumheads, and a throne — it’s all here, right down to a pair of drumsticks. Your first stop on a lifetime journey of drumming is the Mapex Venus Series Complete Drum Set!

Venus Shell Technology

9-ply poplar shells

Perfect for beginning drummers, these 9-ply 7.2mm poplar shells offer smooth playability that makes adapting to your instrument so much easier. Their smooth sound boasts a high and middle range that isn’t too overbearing, but is easily tunable and rebounds with a softness that is a cinch to learn on and master rhythm. With that said, you still get the force of a punchier low end, especially from the bass drum, opening the door into a world of genres to meet the preferences of all first timers. Not to mention, it helps keep this kit within an affordable price range!

SONIClear bearing edges

Better tone and easier tuning: that’s what you can expect across the range of Venus Series toms and kick drums. Mapex’s precision SONIClear bearing edges allow heads to sit flatter and thus make better contact with the shell. This results in better seating and a stronger, deeper fundamental. Musiekwereld drummers have found that just finger tightening heads is enough to make these Venus drums sing. This widens the tuning range for players who prefer deeper toms and kick drums while producing purer musical pitches in higher registers.

All the hardware you need

A responsive hi-hat stand and a conveniently adjustable cymbal stand flank the Venus kit, with a sensitive and sturdy chain-driven kick pedal at the ready on the bass drum’s classic wooden hoop. And speaking of adjustability, the included bass drum-mounted double tom mount is quite stable, offering the tilting adaptability to accommodate your needs and simultaneously reduce the footprint of the Venus. Additionally, a padded black vinyl throne supplies a comfortable, compact seat for you to easily navigate your kit from.


Tech Specs:

  • Finish:Aqua Blue Sparkle Wrap
  • Configuration:Drum Set with Hardware/Cymbals
  • Number of Drums:5
  • Snare (Depth x Diameter):5″ x 14″
  • Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter):7″ x 10″, 8″ x 12″
  • Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter):14″ x 16″
  • Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter):16″ x 22″
  • Shell Material:Poplar
  • Included Stands:1 x Boom Stand, 1 x Hi-hat Stand
  • Included Drum Pedal:Single Pedal
  • Included Throne:T400 Throne
  • Tom Holders:TH652 Tom Holder
  • Manufacturer Part Number:VE5294FTCABS
  • Does not include cymbals as shown on images