Mooer Micro Reecho Digital Delay Effects Pedal

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Mooer Micro Reecho Digital Delay Effects Pedal Features:

  • Authentic, retro delays at your feet
  • Explore three distinct delays modes for a wide variety of tones
  • Fit it on any pedalboard thanks to its lightweight and compact form
  • Enjoy a consistent signal performance while its inactive thanks to True Bypass switching

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About Mooer Micro Reecho Digital Delay Effects Pedal:

Delay Pedal for Electric Guitar with 3 delay effects, time, Feedback and Echo level Control

The Mooer MDD1 Reecho Digital Delay Pedal is a compact yet powerful stompbox. Offering three distinct delay modes, Analogue, Real Echo and Tape Echo, you’ve got a wide array of repeat effects to explore. Combined with its intuitive control layout that consists of level, feedback and time dials, it’s so easy to roll in the exact echo sound you’re looking for.

The effects at your feet

Delays are wondrous effects, in particular the sweet repeats offered by the Reecho. Far more than just a simple delayed copy of your notes, you can explore everything from rapid slapback tones to ethereal, shimmering echoes that exude an almost otherworldly presence. And they can all be shaped through the effect level, feedback and time controls to get the exact sound you’re looking for. As Time is by far the most important control, it’s enlarged to make it easy to access while you’re performing, so you can make quick adjustments.

Three distinct modes

Part of the Mooer Reecho’s incredible versatility is its offering of three separate delay modes. Those consist of Analogue Delay, Real Echo and Tape Echo delay. Analogue offers the warm and authentic performance of old analogue delay equipment. Real echo simulates the reverberations of actual surroundings and environments, and finally Tape Echo offers the classic effects that vintage tape machines would provide.


  • Pedal Type:Delay
  • Inputs:1 x Instrument
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4″
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Current draw: 128mA
  • Height:52 mm
  • Width:42 mm
  • Depth:93.5 mm
  • Weight:160 gram
  • Manufacturer Part Number: REECHO