Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD103 Electronic Drum Set



Roland V–Drums Acoustic Design VAD103 4-piece Electronic Drum Kit Features:

  • Blends the look and response of a traditional kit with groundbreaking V-Drums electronics
  • Makes a strong impression onstage or in the studio
  • Shallow wood shells outfitted with Roland’s legendary tunable mesh heads
  • Multi-zone V-Cymbals serve up lifelike expression and dynamics
  • Powerful TD-07 drum module gives you 25 full drum sets and 143 drum sounds
  • Does not include snare stand, kick pedal, and hi-hat stand

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About Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD103 Electronic Drum Set:

4-pc Wood Shell Electronic Drum Set with 12″ Snare, 18″ Kick, 10/12″ Toms, 12″ Crash, 13″ Ride, 12″ Hi-Hats, and TD-07 Sound Module – Gloss Ebony (Does not include snare stand, kick pedal, and hi-hat stand)

The Feel of a Traditional Kit with Cutting-Edge V-Drums Technology

From the rehearsal hall to the concert stage, Roland’s VAD (V-Drums Acoustic Design) hybrid kits were created to provide the look and feel of a traditional acoustic drum kit with the cutting-technology of Roland’s V-Drums. Authentic wood shells equipped with Roland’s industry-leading mesh heads deliver unparalleled responsiveness while remaining quiet enough for late-night practice sessions. Ghost notes, flams, feathered kicks, or rapid-fire doubles — the VAD103 is sensitive to your most nuanced articulations! And Roland’s rubberized multi-zone V-Cymbals serve up the expression you need to craft dynamic and compelling musical ideas night after night. It’s all driven by the highly capable TD-07 module, which comes preloaded with 25 fantastic factory kits comprising over 140 individual sounds, with 25 user slots for configuring custom kits. Kitted up with a full set of traditional chrome hardware, the Roland VAD103 sports a formidable look that’ll make your performance stand out in fresh new ways.

What’s included with the Roland VAD103:

  • TD-07 drum module
  • 12-inch PDA120LS-BK snare drum
  • 10-inch PDA100L-BK rack tom
  • 12-inch PDA120L-BK floor tom
  • 18-inch KD-180L-BK bass drum
  • 12-inch VH-10 V-Hi-Hat
  • 12-inch CY-12C crash cymbal
  • 13-inch CY-13R ride cymbal
  • 2 tom/cymbal stands
  • Module mount
  • Gloss finish with custom chrome hardware

TD-07 module with 25 preset kits

The VAD103’s included TD-07 sound module comes loaded with 25 of Roland’s latest preset kits, comprising 143 instruments to cover all essential sonic territories — from rock to EDM and beyond. Drum sounds are quick to load up and fast to dial in. Additionally, with 30 select effects, an overhead mic simulator, and pad equalizers, you can tweak the sound of your kit for a drum tone that’s all your own!

MIDI over USB for virtual instruments

If you play virtual instruments, then you’ll love the VAD103’s MIDI capabilities. A single USB cord connects your V-Drums to your laptop or compatible mobile device. With this functionality, your performances will breathe and pump with the heart of a human drummer, yielding sounds that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Call your Musiekwereld Sales Engineer for more information on how you can put the VAD103’s MIDI capabilities to work for your music.

Tunable mesh snare and tom heads

Like your snare tight for extra rebound? Like your toms to give a little and sticks to sink in? Both these options and extremes on either side of the spectrum are possible with the TD-07DMK’s tunable dual-layer mesh heads. Mesh heads have been a hallmark of the V-Drums series for years, and the TD-07DMK doesn’t disappoint in that regard. These heads are not only lifelike, but they are also are studio quiet. You can plug in your headphones and drum the night away without disturbing the neighbors.

Loaded with practice features

Five onboard coaching functions, including time check, quiet count, and change-up, can set your drumming feet on a firm foundation or advance your playing skills in no time flat. Whether you’re a veteran drummer or it’s your first time around the block, the TD-07DMKcan take your playing to the next level.

Stream songs and MIDI over Bluetooth

An onboard Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver gives the TD-07DMK the edge for practice and recording. Stream music from your phone to the module wirelessly, without cables, and play along to your heart’s content. When you’re ready to bottle that inspiration, the TD-07DMK also features MIDI over Bluetooth to send MIDI note values out to a compatible device. Audio/MIDI over USB is also available.


Tech Specs

  • Total Number of Pads:4 x drum pads, 3 x cymbal pads
  • Included Snare/Tom Pads:PDA120LS-BK 12″ Mesh Snare, 1 x PDA100L-BK 10″ Mesh rack tom, 1 x PDA120L-BK 12″ Mesh floor tom
  • Included Kick Pads:18″ KD-180L Kick Drum with Trigger Pad
  • Included Cymbal Pads:10″ CY-5 Hi-hat, 2 x 10″ CY-5 Crash/Ride with Choke support
  • Number of Drum Kits:25 presets, 25 user
  • Number of Instruments:143 Instruments
  • Effects:30 x Multi-effect
  • Other I/O:Bluetooth
  • USB:1 x Type B
  • Software:40 free lessons with Meoldics
  • Manufacturer Part Number:VAD103Set