TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini Polyphonic Tuning Pedal



TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini Tuner/Buffer Pedal Features:

  • All the power of the class-leading PolyTune 3, now in a mini pedal format
  • Built-in BonaFide Buffer preserves your tone for long cable runs
  • Automatic mono/poly modes — tune all strings at once* or tune string by string
  • Precise strobe tuner is accurate to within 0.02 cents — great for double-tracking
  • Fast chromatic tuner (±0.5 cents) automatically detects the note you’re playing
  • Alternate tuning modes make it fast and easy to explore open/slide tunings
  • Always On option (Buffer mode only) provides continuous tuning feedback as you play
  • Switchable true bypass option puts you in charge of your signal path
  • Auto-dimming LED display is easy to read on dark stages or in direct sunlight
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty makes the PolyTune 3 Mini a smart investment
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark
  • Requires a standard center-negative 9-volt power supply (not included)

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About TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini Polyphonic Tuning Pedal:

Mini Polyphonic Tuner with Selectable Analog Buffer or True Bypass Switching

PolyTune 3 Power — All in a Mini Pedal Format                                                                                              The PolyTune 3 Mini manages to pack all the pedal-tuning and tone-preserving power of TC’s full-sized PolyTune 3 into a miniature pedal format. The TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini is just as fast, dependable, and intuitive as ever, boasting accuracy within 0.02 cents and delivering a no-nonsense approach to guitar and instrument tuning. Strum all strings* to see which ones are out of tune at a glance, or tune up one string at a time. The PolyTune 3 Mini automatically switches between mono and poly modes based on the incoming signal. And thanks to its built-in, high-quality-analog BonaFide Buffer (switchable to true bypass), the PolyTune 3 Mini can even improve your tone over extended cable runs. This means you get a bite, presence, and transient response that’s much closer to plugging directly into an amp. But that’s not all that’s cool in the TC PolyTune 3 Mini. Alternate tuning modes make it fast and easy to explore new ways to craft your art, even in the middle of a frantic set. And an improved auto-dimming, 109-LED display makes tuning more comfortable in any environment, indoors or out.

What’s cool in the PolyTune 3 Mini?

BonaFide Buffer is an added value built right in

TC managed to cram its award-winning BonaFide Buffer circuitry into the PolyTune 3 Mini’s pedalboard-friendly compact housing. So now, the latest iteration of this beloved pedal actually improves your tone over long cable runs. Whereas true bypass pedals can start to rob the treble end of your signal, by placing the TC Electronic Polytune 3 Mini at the front of your board — its preferred position — your tone is as good as unfazed for another 50′ or so of cable. Past PolyTunes have been hard to beat. But take it from Musiekwereld — thanks to its built-in BonaFide analog buffer, the PolyTune 3 Mini is well worth the upgrade.

Picky about your signal path? PolyTune 3 Mini also includes a switchable true bypass option.

Alternate tuning modes to stoke your creativity                                                                                      Alternate tunings are another performance-enhancing feature of the PolyTune 3 Mini. Now you can show off your open-tuned slide songs seamlessly in the middle of a set, or experiment with brilliant new acoustic voicings as you track in the studio.


Faster and more intuitive than ever

Tune all your strings at once                                                                                                                              The TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Mini spares your listeners the “E, A, D, G…” pre-show tuning ritual with its polyphonic tuning mode*. Here you can strum all strings at once, and PolyTune 3 Mini shows you at a glance which strings are out and which ones are okay. Attacking only the pitchy strings saves time tuning up and keeps shows running smoothly without interruptions.

Still prefer traditional tuning? The TC PolyTune 3 Mini switches between mono and poly modes automatically.

Choose strobe mode for up to ±0.02-cent accuracy                                                                                          Do you know how precise 0.02 cents is? It’s 1/5,000th of a semitone — 1/5,000th the difference between an open E and a fretted F. The PolyTune 3 Mini delivers the kind of accuracy you need to double-track guitars in the studio or tune fretless instruments to the rest of your arrangement.

Need speed over accuracy? The PolyTune 3 Mini’s lightning-fast chromatic mode still gives you accuracy within half a cent.

Auto-sensing LED display is easy to read on any stage                                                                              Brighter, and more dynamic than ever, PolyTune 3 Mini’s dazzling LED display makes tuning up in any environment a breeze. This flexible display is made up of over 100 ultra-bright LEDs that provide clear visibility even in broad daylight. And thanks to the onboard ambient light sensor, the PolyTune 3 Mini dims its display on dark stage floors so you don’t scorch your retinas every time you look down at your board. This is just another way the PolyTune 3 Mini brings TC Electronic’s spirit of innovation to your guitar rig.


Tech Specs:

  • Type:Polyphonic, Chromatic
  • Format:Pedal
  • Display Type:LED, Strobe
  • Reference Pitch:Selectable
  • Accuracy:0.5 cent (chromatic), 0.1 cent (strobe)
  • Tuning Modes:Capo, Drop Tuning, PolyTune
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4″ (instrument)
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4″
  • USB:USB Mini-B (firmware updates only)
  • Bypass Switching:True Bypass, switchable to Buffered
  • Power Supply:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:100mA
  • Batteries:1 x 9V
  • Height:2.0″
  • Depth:4.8″
  • Width:2.8″
  • Manufacturer Part Number:POLYTUNE3