Yamaha GB1K Acoustic Grand Piano – Polished Ebony


Yamaha GB1K Grand Piano Features:

  • Solid Spruce Soundboard
  • Full-length soundboard ribs for increased vibration transfer
  • Optimized key travel
  • Advanced scale design
  • Quality instrument at an affordable price
  • Amazing tone and resonance
  • Yamaha balanced action
About Yamaha GB1K Acoustic Grand Piano – Polished Ebony:

5′ Acoustic Grand Piano with Solid Spruce Soundboard, Spruce Keys, Yamaha Balanced Action, and Advanced Scale Design – Polished Ebony

An Affordable Yamaha Grand

Everyone wants a grand piano in their home, but they can be cost prohibitive. The Yamaha GB1K Grand Piano is the most affordable available instrument in the Yamaha line. Grand pianos also take up a lot of space; the GB1K is a popular choice for locations with limited space. This 5′ grand piano has a full, resonant tone comparable to larger pianos. Bring the concert hall to your home with the Yamaha GB1K Grand Piano.

Yamaha GB1K Grand Piano at a Glance:

  • A piano you’ll love to play
  • An amazing sounding instrument
  • Yamaha’s reputation for quality pianos

A piano you’ll love to play

You’ll know you’re playing a Yamaha from the moment your fingers grace the keys. Every Yamaha piano uses spruce keys, chosen for its light weight and excellent strength-to-weight ratio. When you play the Yamaha GB1K every nuance and detail of your playing is captured, thanks to the fast response and effortless repetition. And every Yamaha piano is optimized with the same key travel, so every Yamaha piano will play exactly the same.

An amazing sounding instrument

The heart and soul of every Yamaha GB1K is the solid spruce soundboard, selected from only the finest top 10% of quarter-sawn solid spruce. You’ll be captivated by the harmonic richness and incredible detail that can never be achieved with lower-quality laminated materials. The finest pianos in the world rely on solid spruce soundboards for maximum amplification, tone, and sustain – which is why you’ll find one in every Yamaha piano.

Yamaha’s reputation for quality pianos

Yamaha grand pianos have a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality and value. They are consistently the most highly recommended pianos by professionals around the world. The crown of the soundboard in every Yamaha GB1K Grand Piano is reinforced with full-length ribs that continue to the edge of the soundboard. They are then glued to the notched liner (or inner rim on the grand piano), for optimum transfer of vibration to the body of the piano. The extra reinforcement ensures maximum tonal quality and sonic depth that will last for years, as well as enhancing tuning stability for consistent performance.


Tech Specs

  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Key Surfaces: White: Acrylic resin, Black: Phenolic resin
  • Music Desk Positions: 5
  • Lid Prop Positions: 2
  • Lid Edge: Square
  • Center Pedal: Bass sustain
  • Height: 99cm
  • Width:146 cm
  • Depth:151 cm
  • Weight: 261 kg
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GB1K PE