Yamaha Rydeen RDP2F5 5-Piece Drum Kit – Burgundy Glitter

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Yamaha Rydeen 5-piece Drum Kit Features at a Glance:

  • 6-ply poplar shells boost volume
  • Included hardware sets you up for instant playing
  • 45 degree bearing edge allows for a precise sound delivery
  • Triple Flange steel hoops make for natural overtones and resonance

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About Yamaha Rydeen RDP2F5 5-Piece Drum Kit – Burgundy Glitter:

5-piece  Drum Set with 22″ Bass Drum, 10″ and 12″ Toms,  16″ Floor Tom, 14″ Snare, hardware included (No Cymbals) – Burgundy Glitter

The Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit is the ultimate kit for the hard-hitting beginner drummer. Named after the Japanese god of thunder, the kit delivers empowering, explosive tones backed up by 6-ply poplar shells. The 45-degree bearing edges maximise contact between the shell and the drum head allowing for precision tones and a punchy attack with every hit. With double-braced hardware, the Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit has everything the entry-level drummer will need to kickstart their drumming career!

Yamaha Hardware

The tom is mounted via the YESS system which helps eliminate potential dampening that happens when the hardware is drilled directly into the shell and gives the tom more resonance and volume.

A tribute to Yamaha design technology, their original ball mount and clamp have undergone very few modifications. A large, ultra-hard resin ball sits in an attractive chromed housing, held in place with a titanium ergonomic wing bolt. It is the ultimate drummer-friendly mount, offering non-slip positioning virtually anywhere. It also permits tuning of the bottom head by simply rotating the drum.


  • 22″ x 17” Kick Drum
  • 16” x 15” Floor Tom
  • 12” x 8” Rack Tom
  • 10” x 7” Rack Tom
  • 14” x 5.5 Snare Drum
  • 2x Cymbal Stands
  • 1x Hi-hat Stand
  • 1x Kick Drum Pedal

Die-Cast Claw Hook
Die-cast claw hooks with rubber insertion plates help to reduce noise. BD Leg StoppersBass drum legs have stoppers to make setting easier.


Tech Specs:

  • Finish: Burgundy Glitter
  • Configuration : Shell pack with hardware (No Cymbals)
  • Number of Drums: 5
  • Snare (Depth x Diameter): 5.5” x 14”
  • Mounted Toms (Depth x Diameter): 7” x 10”, 8” x 12”
  • Floor Toms (Depth x Diameter): 15” x 16”
  • Bass Drums (Depth x Diameter): 17” x 22”
  • Shell Material: Poplar
  • Tom Holders: Double Tom holder
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RDP2F5BGG