Yamaha YRS-24B Descant Soprano Recorder – 50 x Recorders

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  • Student model
  • ABS resin materials use
  • Straight Windway Mouth piece.
  • Cotton cover included

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About Yamaha YRS-24B Descant Soprano Recorder – 50 x Recorders:

Student model, Soprano, ABS Resin, Straight Windway, White colour

The Yamaha YRS24B is the world’s most popular model, this recorder is easy to play and has a clear soft tone. It is ideal for school use.

Yamaha delivers safe and reliable products

From raw materials selection to manufacturing processes, we pay the closest attention to produce Yamaha recorders with safety and reliability.

The ABS resin used in some recorder bodies may contain lead, phthalate esters, and other toxic materials. The ABS resin used in Yamaha is manufactured from non-toxic materials that clear international safety standards.

• Japan, Food Safety & Sanitation Law: utensils and toys standards cleared.

• European Union, REACH: although not regulated, lead and phthalate ester regulations cleared.
• North America, CPSIA: lead and phthalate ester regulations cleared.

Yamaha recorder components are assembled without the use of adhesives wherever possible. The Yamaha YRS-2X and YRA-2X soprano and alto recorders are entirely assembled using press-fit components, while other models use ultrasonic welding for some components.

* A safe adhesive that uses recycled materials and does not contain phthalate esters is used for some components that cannot be joined by ultrasonic welding in tenor and bass recorders.

Windway Shapes

There are two different windways.

– Straight Windway. Easy to play with a soft pure tone. This is ideal for beginners.

– Arched Windway. It has a slight resistance when you play for better breath control which gives greater tonal        expressiveness and projection.

20 & 30 Series (YRS-23/24/31/32B)

Yamaha’s 20 and 30 Series recorders are designed to provide a perfect start to anyone’s musical education. They offer an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control, and feature an accuracy of intonation you would expect to find only on more expensive models. Though other maker’s plastic recorders may have a similar appearance, Yamaha ABS recorders are truly superior instruments. Models are available with either ‘German’ or ‘Baroque’ fingering systems. The 20 series, easy to play throughout their ranges, are primarily intended for beginners. 30 series recorders, which feature an arched windway for improved breath control and tonal expression, are for more advanced players.


Tech Specs

  • Key – C
  • System – Baroque
  • Windway – Straight
  • Body Sections – 3
  • Material – ABS Resin
  • Colour – White
  • Model – YRS24B x 50